Hockey is one of the games that light up the Canadian sports scene in a big way. Fans are always trooping to the arenas to catch live games. Moreover, those who cannot make to the match venues often gather in bars and restaurants where the atmosphere is just as electric.

This article lists some of the top entertainment joints to catch games. The compilation has been put together using factors such as the bar’s investment in set up (sitting, screens, etc.), joints popular with a charged crowd and where you can get the best deals for drinks. Joints are more likely to earn bonus points if they have happy hour among their offerings!

Top-Notch Joints

Wayne Gretzky’s

You just can’t get it wrong with this joint if you are looking to catch a game in Toronto. Wayne was an iconic figure in Canadian hockey, so you would guess he would put his heart into creating a suitable place for people to watch hockey matches.

The sitting in the establishment is set-up in such a way that you feel as if you were in an actual arena. The screens are huge; larger-than-life really. Over and above that, Wayne’s influence means you are likely to catch some big names from the sport here. How exciting!

Real Sports

Another bar that has been a hit in Toronto for years now. The joint was so popular at some point that it was even voted the top sports bar within North America. The spacious nature of the bar couple with its numerous screens play a major role in promoting its image. Oh, and it is owned by Maple Leaf, a long-time player in the field of sports joints.

Maison Publique, Montreal

This joint wins without even trying. It is not set up as a sports bar, but it offers a befitting experience. The bar has a ‘lane’ sitting that aligns all viewers to sit in a row. That they are facing each other means they can watch the game without killing the conversational nature of restaurants.

Loose Moose

Loose Moose has two major factors that place it on this list: the comfort it offers and the unbeatable beer offers. Located on the Front Street west in Toronto, this bar offers what some refer to as a too cosy environment for a sports bar.

It departs from the idea of a hardened atmosphere to a soft ambience which sports lovers love no less. They have a glorious happy hour and, even when they are not offering this, the prices of their drinks are some of the best in town.

Of course there are numerous places where one can catch hockey matches in Canada. Few, if there are any at all, surpass the above however.