Any Canadian- or visitor looking to know more about Canada– has to take some interest in ice hockey. It is a game that forms part of the Canadian fabric, be it social, economic or political. For this reason, the Ticket card website has been created with a specific focus on ice hockey- to answer all questions you may have about the game in the country.

All about Ice Hockey in Canada

The site lets you in on the Canadian ice hockey experience with a review of the game in general. It answers questions like why the game is so popular in the country, the top teams to be found there and how competitions are organised.

Even if you are new to the game, this section will break you in so you feel like an old gun within no time. By the time you are done with this section, you will be well set to get into the deeper sections of the site.

Top Ice Hockey Teams in Canada

Given hockey’s popularity, you might have an idea of the rivalry that exists between the different teams in the league. Teams do not just represent their players or the owners; rather, they are part of the locality from which they originate and have to fight to defend regional pride.

This section looks at some of the big ice hockey teams and what makes them enjoy the tag that they do.

Top Ten Hockey Arenas

Each team has its own home ground, but there are those venues that just carry more allure than others. This could be due to their sheer size that allows numerous attendees to get in or a specially charged crowd that makes the atmosphere lively.

This section will expose you to the top ten arenas where you can go and be assured of an experience that will form a lasting memory. Some of the largest arenas are clearly visible from the sky which can be seen in images taken by satellites.

Hockey Games Dates

Whether you are a new or existing fan, it is necessary to have the hockey calendar with you. Otherwise, you might end up missing out on the most thrilling encounters. This section is meant to help you on that front by highlighting some notable dates within the hockey calendar so you don’t forget them. There are numerous hockey activities, so the section looks at those that stand a level above the rest.

Top Bars and Restaurants to Watch Hockey in Canada

Other than going to the arena, you can still catch live hockey games in entertainment joints. This allows you to club and catch the sports action in one go. This section will direct you on the best places to go if you want to experience a TV viewing like no other. It takes into consideration factors like space, TV quality and prices of drinks on offer.